Pistachio – Austin Boxer Rescue Foster

Sketch Austin Boxer Rescue Foster


3 Comments to “Pistachio – Austin Boxer Rescue Foster”

  1. You are such a talented woman, I hope you realize that on your own without someone telling you. Cause you are…lol. I love all your drawings and I’m rather jealous, all of my drawings regardless of how hard I try always come out looking like cartoon characters from a really bad show. As much as I love to draw and piddle around with designs and real life I just can’t seem to catch whatever it is that artists have. I love all of them darlin’, but this one happens to be my favorite. She looks sad, but also she is looking, looking for love, searching her field of view and her heart to find her true loves. Of course we both know she has found that new love in you, and with so much love to give you both make a perfect match. Love her, pet her, understand what she is telling you in each and every kiss, wag, and emotion. She’s a little complicated but so worth the effort. I wish her the best of the rest of her life.

    Thank you for 4 great days my friend. No matter how long we are apart we always pick up right where we left off. What a great pair of hoodlums….heheheeee. I want my little round cement thingy, if not in real life paint me one of the larger one with all the info on it. You will have to search to find one of those, but they are out there. Your T-shirt will be on it’s way soon to it’s new owner, I know you will love it.

    Until next time, love you, Tam

  2. Just sitting here wondering if you kept her and how she is getting along with Mr. Campbell? I love you and miss you. TJ

    • They let me… I am pre-nervous for what they say might happen, but I still believe she belongs here… She is getting along fine with Campbell, however he is asserting himself. He slept in her crate last night since the girls were with me… I picked up a book last night and turned to get in bed and she jerked back afraid I would hit her… She was so mistreated… Miss you..

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