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June 29, 2013



January 19, 2013

I Have a Dream



December 24, 2012

Bubba – Santa Claus is Back in Town / Blue Christmas

Elvis / Bubba

If you read Sookie Stackhouse, you know this is Bubba. One day, hopefully soon, I will be able to do Elvis:)… The you tube vids are worth waiting through the ads:)  Very nice footage of Christmas Past at Graceland.


July 4, 2012



June 16, 2012

Happy Father’s Day:)

Happy Father's Day

April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Misti


April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Larry

Happy Birthday Larry

March 1, 2012

Mad as a March Hare

Mad as a March Hare

February 20, 2012

Mardi Gras

January 17, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King

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