Draw your Life… (365 opportunities)

I rescue boxers, teach school, and draw/paint. (not necessarily in that order). I dig classic vinyl. I love my husband and most people with my whole self. I consider this project 365 opportunities for sainity… truely… Thanks to Michael Nobbs and his inspiration ..  http://www.sustainablycreative.com ..


4 Comments to “Draw your Life… (365 opportunities)”

  1. Mrs.Ritter you were the beest techer i ever hade
    love you 2011-2012 kid sarah rosenheim

    • Love you right back… You are one of the best kids I ever had…. Keep me up on how things are going. You can always find me here…. Hugs to Mom too.

  2. thank you for being an awsome teacher it was soo nice when u came to visit me in the hospital thx cali

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