Painter’s Studio

Acrylic on canvas.  MoNerd is a delightful parody of the Mona Lisa herself.  MoNerd is currently from “You Nork”, but resides currently in San Antonio in an art collector’s home.
Mona Lisa Parody
Acrylic on canvas. A vibrant interpretation of an “Austin Boxer Rescue” success story.  The footprints are hers and the footprints of her foster siblings.
 Interpretation of an Austin Boxer Rescue success story
Stella awaits you at the window table while enjoying a glass of wine. Her curves, quiet reflective mood, and her confident colors make her uniquely her own.

2 Comments to “Painter’s Studio”

  1. This your creation? I love it! Especially Mona Lisa’s nerd twin. 😉

    • I love her too.. I went to a class where we all painted Mona in our own way…fun… my friend and her little granddaughter helped me name her…She is officially “mo-nerd” and she is from “you nork”… 🙂

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